Panos Sklavenitis, South

South – Thoughts on a European Geography of Over and Under
HDV, 11 min 3 sec, 2016

Dr. Iordanis Hajiyavusoglu, an invented persona assumed by author Eleftherios Keramidas, argues that “the North is actually, truly, really and unavoidably superior to the South in every regard”!

“Let’s take a look at a map of Europe: Left equals West, right equals East. And what is most important here: North is up, South is down. North equals over, South equals under. We have established that. Now let us expand on it, let’s track the connotations of over/up/above and under/down/below. The first group of concepts is always used in a positive manner, while the second is strictly negative. We say “over/up/above” and “under/down/below” to compare, to mean “better” and “worse”. Anything from the way a country’s economy is trending to the average level of education in a geographic area.


The way that we read maps is the way we understand the world and our place within its bounds. Moreover, believing that something holds true makes it true (for us). Reality is the result of mental effort to comprehend. ‘Intelligible’ is equivalent to ‘real’. Male erection provides a good example. Contemplate what ‘high’ and ‘low’ spirits corresponds to in the physical plane.”


‘South’ is part of the ongoing project ‘The Poem Begins With The Unloving Sun’ by Panos Sklavenitis.

Text: Panos Sklavenitis

Video Performance: Eleftherios Keramidas