The project brought together artists, urbanists and activists from 7 South-Eastern Metropolises and the Rurh region Germany, in a joint production laboratory. As part of Actopolis, Pat designed and performed a series of performative lectures, talks, discussions, projects, apparatuses and various other material, called The Soft Power Lectures. The Soft Power Lectures took place in institutional and outer-institutional spaces, with a mixed or solely for a specific public such as university students.

  1. South: Ideas around a European geography of the top and the bottom
  2. From sunset to sunrise
  3. Soft Power Screenings. the Gaze
  4. Where will you go after this?
  5. How much do I enjoy listening to people ascending in the elevator speaking Romanian
  6. Interviews
  7. Athens-Oberhausen. The energy of two cities

Supported by the Goethe Institut and Urbane Kunste Ruhr.